1st time back for awhile.

What do you think about the script.

1st time back for awhile.

Postby yesitsfree » Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:14 pm

I have not been here for quite awhile.

I got here through an answer to one of my posts, a spam reply aswell.

But still I see a new forum, no special logo :?:

I know this is an old script but when is it going to be updated?? I have several problems with admin ie image upload.

This script is in need of bringing into the 21st centuary.

Apart from that Happy New Year
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Re: 1st time back for awhile.

Postby Torstein » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:26 pm

We've had a fair bit of spam problems lately, so Ramon has updated the forum to phpBB3.

We are working on the next version (actually the 3rd version after CuteNews.ru) called Strawberry 1.2.

Miksar is doing the programming, while I'm trying to make the English translation as good as possible.

Strawberry 1.2 is currently in beta #4, but there is still quite a few bugs left to squash ;)
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Re: 1st time back for awhile.

Postby rabika » Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:56 am

Is it possible to change a setting in the convert script to have the MySQL ID match the old ones?
I need to do this because I have many pages indexed in Google.
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