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Postby cberks » Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:38 pm

I can see how one creates a block using the DRAGnDROP option in the admin panel and save such a block.

I can see that the index.php has entries such as <!--block:example/left--> which appear to be treated as templates and the contents of the LEFT (?) blocks are included.

But what I am missing is how does one assign a saved block to left, menu, content areas of the page?????

I can see that there are drag-n-drop javascripts present but do not see how the drag-n-drop capability is invoked -- is there an option missing in the download as the drag-n-drop option is only for creating blocks not using them?

Also what are the implications of the directory structure . . . .

-- content
---- do

and where are left, menu, content etc defined?? Can one defined other areas such as user1, user2 and define their position in the CSS?

UPDATE: I NOW SEE THAT THE DRAG-N-DROP CAPABILITY IS INVOKED BY http://localhost/strawberry/example/index.php?ddb=edit

Regards, Chris
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